Customizing your Risk Solutions

Riskworx is an independent provider of financial risk management and treasury solutions. Our services include risk advisory, modeling and product/software integration primarily in the field of financial risk management and treasury risk and valuation products.
The company has been in operation for over ten years and our client base includes global financial institutions and all of the Tier 1 banks in SA.
The understanding, monitoring and mitigation of risk is vitally important in the current turbulent financial markets. Every client is unique, and Riskworx therefore tailors each solution to optimally address the client’s needs.

Market Risk

Market risk is the possibility of loss due to market variables moving such as to reduce the value of a trade or position. With market risk being the oldest rigorously quantified of the risk disciplines, market risk management techniques being utilised in practice have converged over the past few years.


Risk Dimensions

Risk is often operationally segregated into various silos, usually denoted as market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and interest rate risk with a resultant divergence of skills, techniques, culture and terminology.

We view risk more holistically, recognising that many so-called risk mitigation techniques are often merely ways of transferring risk – not transferring it out of the organisation, but only to another department or risk type.