The Company

Riskworx specializes in financial risk management and treasury solutions. We are independent in that we have developed extensive working relationships and experience in all major global software financial risk products, but are not affiliated to any one provider.

We provide a range of risk advisory, modeling and product/software integration primarily in the field of financial risk management and treasury risk and valuation products.

Success in the provision of these services relies on close alignment and understanding of the client’s risk strategy and implementation processes. Each client’s solution is unique and tailor made.

We provide a full suite of client centric services ranging from up-front risk analysis, risk consulting services, modeling skills, financial engineering, integration engineering and ongoing system support on an ad hoc or contractual basis.

Riskworx has built up an enviable track record and experience base in the risk operations of the banking and financial aspects of the SA financial system in particular and is developing a growing skill base with country specific applications. We have working relationships with major global software developers and suppliers to the financial services industry.

Riskworx has performed assignments in virtually all areas of the financial markets, for assets managers, life insurers, domestic and global banks and corporate treasuries.