Market Risk

Market risk is the possibility of loss due to market variables moving such as to reduce the value of a trade or position. With market risk being the oldest rigorously quantified of the risk disciplines, market risk management techniques being utilised in practice have converged over the past few years.

Market risk managers are now faced with a maturing investment in technology, and are re-evaluating their contribution to their organisations. Many are using the situation to consolidate their work over the past few years by implementing more robust technology and data management regimes. Others are looking to leverage their technology by addressing a wider range of issues with it, than was addressed in an initial implementation.

Riskworx has a team of vastly experienced market risk professionals, who can provide you with guidance on all aspects of market risk measurement and management. We have experience with the commercial applications used by major institutions to measure market risk. We can therefore provide objective, independent advice and assistance on technology selection and implementation. Additionally, we provide process insourcing solutions, i.e. first or second line support for the critical daily process of producing accurate complete market risk measures.