The common theme that runs through all our work is that consistent frameworks, better measurement and robust processes lead to better management. A major part of our work focuses on translating these advanced risk concepts into practical tools that can be integrated into business management processes.

We work closely with our clients, especially those whose operational responsibility includes accurate valuation and the management of risk, to ensure that our experience is translated into tangible results.

All our services are based on skills and practical experience earned from many years spent in risk departments and treasuries, in banks and with asset managers, both locally and internationally. Generally each assignment involves a combination of skills, which are grouped into broad categories as “technology-oriented” and “assessment”. Whilst this section provides specific information on specific services and examples of recent assignments, it is important to recognise that each such service is provided within a client- and industry-specific context.


Priceworx is a valuation tool that provides market participants with a simple user interface for validating prices of complex financial instruments. It is an easy-to-use, front-end tool that is benchmarked against industry standards.

The Priceworx licensee is assured of receiving the latest information on pricing methodologies available in the market, as well as having a team of financial engineers and software developers constantly re-evaluating the package as changes in market practice occur, and making the necessary modifications as and when required.

Being a South African developed product, there is no need for any of the tricky “work-arounds” so often required where foreign software products are used in our local market.

Simply put, the Priceworx tool allows the corporate treasurer access to the sophistication of accurate valuation technology within a simplistic portfolio environment, regardless of how complex the individual instruments are, without the exorbitant cost of a comprehensive trading software package. Our customers simply pay a monthly rental for the Priceworx software, with no upfront package price payable.